Love that red hairband..

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I hope everyones doing well.

So we shoot with this outfit around a month ago in Istanbul. It was a sunny, warm day but was not feeling shorts so decided to wear this dress. I think it looked cool with my bag since the color of the pattern is the same as the dress. I loved the detail in front as it made it more fitted but not loose with still the chilled vibe. This was literally the day after I dyed my hair to very dark brown, so it looks darker than it really is. I know, it looks almost black...

See below;

I personally love hair accessories. I have a lot of hair and trust me it is thick. It gets very hard sometimes, but I will talk about this on another post.

When I first bought my Gucci bag, I didn't expect to use it as much as I do now. It is purple, velvet and has 'LOVED' written on it. Very out there. But as time passed I realized that it is the opposite, its very easy to wear. The reason being, since it has so many colors on it, whatever you wear, it would literally match!

Oh and also, we ate some very delicious food. Me trying to be healthy is literally ordering a green juice and granola, with a side of fried eggs... I hope I'm not alone in this.

I love wearing dresses. I think Its the easiest way to combine an outfit. For me, it takes about half of the time to get ready if I'm wearing a casual dress. Also, you could easily convert your look from day to night by changing your shoes! So convenient. On the other hand, for girls that have the same body type as me, dresses is our saviors. You could just hide whatever you don't want to show. It is my upper leg for me. Yeah, girls and their insecurities.. Anyway, I just feel very self confident if I'm wearing a dress and it affects my mood A LOT.



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Zara Red Hairband

Celine Kim Sunglasses

Zara Striped Tunic with Knot

Gucci GG Marmont Embroidered Velvet Bag

Alexander McQueen White And Red Leather Platform Sneakers

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