I have something to say...

Hi guys... Lal's here!

So I know that its been quite a while since I posted. Actually not quite, it has been a LONG time. I have started University and now studying Business Management. I have also dyed my hair etc but this is not the point. Well, you probably don't care about my personal life but since you haven't heard of me, I wanted you guys to understand why I didn't post for nearly 5 months, and my future ambitions about this page. Currently, I'm trying to focus on my studies and getting to know myself. I felt a little lost during summer and wasn't really sure what I wanted from this year. Maybe it was because I expected a lot from Uni that I thought it would change me and my thoughts about who I am and who I wanted to become. Guess what? It changed nothing... Like I feel more mature now but, in general it just made me sure of what I want to achieve in both my studies and my personal life. I realized that people should honestly do whatever they dream of doing. Obviously talent, interest and other aspects come into consideration, but I learnt that if you truly love what you're doing. Whatever it is, you will be good at it.

I decided to make this blog a little more personal. I realized that before, I only saw this page as my interest that I write about, being mainly fashion and makeup, and to be honest, didn't really take it that seriously. So now, I have decided to make this page more about me. I mean why not? I enjoy writing and love to express myself in terms of how I dress, so why not do it simultaneously? I also want to share more. You're probably thinking, how can she share more, she's already telling us that this page will be more personal. I will continue on my Youtube channel. Some of you might already now that I have a Youtube channel that I post makeup tutorials etc on, but I was thinking maybe I could record them in English and do Vlogs as well. I don't want to write things that I will not commit to, but I can assure you guys that I will be more active on this page. Youtube could still take some time to get camera equipment ( I really want good quality content) but will update you guys on that.

That's it from me for now. I hope I have explained myself clearly, and lets see how this goes.

Lots of love,