Shades of blue, and some red

Hi, Lal here!

Today I woke up really late, like super late. Especially because we switched to summer time I couldn't get my head around it. Anyway, as I woke up, immediately I looked at the weather and it was 17 degrees celsius. Wow! We, the Londoners, whenever its sunny we go crazy ... So I thought I would wear something summery and cute. And here we go;

I combined my 'like realising stuff' t-shirt from The Kylie Shop, (took ages to arrive) with my high waisted ripped jeans, Alexander Mcqueen sneakers, a pastel blue biker Jacket, a silver choker, my loved Dior sunglasses and of course my blue Chanel. Basically, I wore shades of blue and some red but I think the colour match was perfect- I always loved combining those two, so chic! I have to be honest though, it didn't feel like it was 17 degrees celsius, but more like 13-14.

Also, I opened a new Instagram account, just for my blog. I realised I want to post more of what I eat and my outfit details, so to keep my personal photos out of the way would be a good start. So go and check that out and please follow :) @thecustomblog

The look:

Zara pastel baby blue biker jacket

zara pastel blue biker jacket

The Kylie Shop- Like, realising stuff t-shirt

Zara straight cut high waisted jeans

Alexander Mcqueen Oversized sneaker

Chanel baby blue medium flap

Dior technologic sunglasses in navy (not exact)

Zara choker with buckle

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