Spring/summer 2017 Bag guide

Hi, Lal here!

Summer is coming and I am on the hunt for a new summer bag. I would say that bags are my favourite accessory and a total outfit game changer. Personally, I love to wear a simple outfit but an eye catching bag. I don't have a specific style in bags and I could invest in something very classic like a Chanel double flap or a very modern bag such as the Celine Clasp handbag. It depends on why I want to buy the bag. I feel like everyone whose interested in bags should have a classic piece and then later buys more modern piece. The reason being is that classics will never go out of style and their value actually increases in time. Whereas, moderns could go out of style or considered 'not trendy' in the following years. I mean I wear the bag because I like it not for other people to like it. But it is still something to consider. Classics will never let you down but the moderns will stand you out. I could say that I will never stop loving my Classic Chanels and could wear them every single day as it a easy wearing bag and goes with every outfit. So for this post, I put together a list of some of my favourite Spring/summer 2017 bags and there are STUNNING.

Lets start with Fendi, their Peekaboo bag is one of my all time favourites. The leather is soft leather yet also durable. I have the small Peekaboo but honestly, the space inside the bag is unbelievable, two very large sections and an hidden pocket makes the bag very handy. Here are my favourites from Fendi.

Lets move to Miu Miu... Their Spring/Summer collection is consisting of mostly pastel colour, light pinks and different materials such as denim. I love it. These are my favourites. I liked some of their black bags as well but as it is summer, tried to pick more colourful ones.

Dior is usually not my favourite brand, but I love their style for this season. Especially the J'ADIOR and the new 'Tarot Pouch' collection. I selected the most summery bags in the collection.

I am a Chanel fan and this season they are very modern. Lots of blues..

I love Gucci's style, very feminine... I mean look at these colours.

I love the sporty yet chic vibe that this seasons bags has. Definitely unique.

Very summery and beach vibes :)

Very simple but elegant and girly.

Very modern, stripes are consistent throughout the season.

I love love love the colours. Details though...

The classic.

Fun, fun, fun.

Honestly, these bags cheer me up. I want to get lost in those colours. BEAUTIFUL


Absolutely stunning, the bags are screaming STYLE.

Your classic clutches made unique.

Modern but elegant.

See my 'Lets talk about Prada...' Post to see my Prada favourites from this season.

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