Baby its cold outside

Hi, Lal here,

Today was a very interesting day for me. I spent about 2 hours just taking photos. I took way too many which made it extremely difficult to select the best. Although I always love my photo being taken, it I can be tiring. I loved my outfit though, I wore my gold Gucci slides, fishnet thighs, black skinny jeans, a grey sweater, a long jacket with faux fur details on the collar and my classic Chanel handbag.

I would say that fishnets are slowly becoming overused, but who says you should stop wearing them? My outfit was comfy but at the same time stylish and caught peoples eye. I wanted to wear a cream top with embroidering but looked too much with my slides so instead, I wore a simple grey top. By the way, it was a bitter day in London and I should've worn something thicker as I nearly froze.




Gold princetown embroidered slipper

ASOS fishnet tights

Topshop MOTO black Leigh jeans

Zara grey t-shirt (not exact)

Zara black faux fur collar in black (not exact)

Chanel classic flap in medium (caviar skin)

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