Let's talk about Prada.

Hi! Lal here,

I've been looking at some bags (not surprising) and something really got my attention. By something, I mean a brand. PRADA. Did anyone else realise or is it just me but Prada has been rocking lately. I was never a big Prada fan, but this years collection got me thinking about my options. They are finally taking risks and experimenting with colours. However, I do feel like history is repeating itself.. I mean when Alessandro Michele was appointed for the creative director of Gucci in 2015, he changed the brands vibe completely. When they introduced their 2015-16 Fall/Winter collection everyone was crazy about Gucci, especially the Dionysus shoulder bag. They had a sudden change in their style, and the not-so-trendy brand turned into a much talked one. This year, it may be Prada's turn. Finally something but the Galleria bag. Have a look at these beauties;

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